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Case Management in logistic processes

Logistic processes benefit from Adaptive Case Management.

CargoNet AS, the primary Norwegian freight train operator has its own system for logistics handling: GTS (Goods Transport System). The GTS system is built using an ACM approach, multiplying as an ERP solution.

GTS uses cases (a particular freight train ‘flight’ or a wagon/container) with built-in active and dynamic task support, providing an information centric dashboard with worklists and an elegant mixture of autogenerated and manual planning, while ensuring compliance with business rules and statutory regulations.

It’s a mission critical system, fully integrated with CargoNet’s Internet customer portal and used by most employees involved in the primary value chain.

Showcasting a non-traditional, information centric application of case management technologies, it’s a perfect example of where Ground lion can be used.

Check out this scientific article ‘Adaptive Case Management for Railway Freight Operations’ by Helle Frisak Sem.