16 May 2015

Research iMinds and Ground lion on Adaptive Case Management

In cooperation with iMinds, we performed research on what current problems and deficiencies in handling and managing cases are. Therefore a survey was sent to approximately 100 people.

As you can see in the infographic, only 1 out of 3 of the respondents pretends to know what ‘Adaptive Case Management’ is. However, the results of the survey indicate there is a clear need for a supportive tool to optimize case management. The three possible user profiles (Knowledge worker, IT-profile, Management) each have distinctive, yet complementary requirements and needs: they all want an improved overview on the state of cases and a centralization of information to make work clear and more efficient.

As a result, current clear needs arise: planning, overview, collaboration and reporting.

This research indicates a starting adoption of (Adaptive) Case Management, yet it’s clearly still an innovative concept and an approach to look at knowledge-intensive processes. Does this call for a mind shift?

The different profiles’ needs converge in clear characteristics and make us believe Adaptive Case Management offers a solution for IT, as well as for operational users and management.

Ground lion offers an adaptive case management approach, modeling framework and auto-generated application: think ACM, design ACM, work ACM.

More information about this research? info@groundlion.be



Infographic iMinds

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