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Contribute to the fast changing demands of society by using Adaptive Case Management
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Improve service to citizens by digital case handling

Administrative simplification and cost reduction while still improving service towards society: Public sector administrations face huge challenges and need to be better, quicker and more transparent. Knowledge workers are in search of solutions to contribute to the fast changing demands of society while having to align to strict regulations around compliancy, security and standardization.

Nowadays, due to an ever growing stream of communication between citizens, government personnel and public services personnel, the need for an integrated view on information, context and the processing of it is growing. In other words, the 360° view on a case is ever present to efficiently handle all sorts of subsidy requests, claims, complaints, declarations, control and inspection, parliamentary questions, disputes … Moreover, it has become an impossible task to work out a complete predictable process flow as the environment and legislation we live in, evolve continuously. Agile and adaptive solutions are needed to support government personnel in handling different types of cases and in integrating different types of information.

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Do you experience these challenges?
  • Most of the information is stored in separate mails, documents or notes.
  • Case Information is still not centrally stored, sometimes even locally on private folders.
  • No real-time access to documentation or analytics to make decisions.
  • Different stakeholders, internal and external, collaborating on the same cases.
  • Changing legislation and processes are impossible to keep up.
  • Government work is knowledge work: pure process automation does not cover this line of work as human decisions are essential.
  • Integration with different data sources and other software is needed.
  • Custom coded solutions take too long and are expensive to build and maintain.
  • It is hard to enforce rules and compliance.
  • Efficient, focused task handling often disappears in a mist of information chaos.
Adaptive Case Management in practice
In this 45 minutes long webinar we show you how Ground lion provides a solution for every step in the Case Management Lifecycle. By giving a demonstration of the tooling, based on a concrete example, we show you: How a case is modelled, based on CMMN How this model is…
We've outlined the benefits for you.
  • Improve efficiency in complex government work
  • Cost efficiency because of multi case solution capabilities
  • Case management automation shortens turnaround times
  • Improve service to citizens and organisations with faster answers, status insights and information at first hand.
  • Enforce regulation and compliance to legislation to handle requests correctly and on time.
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