11 October 2016

Does Ground lion have API’s?

Ground lion has a large set of REST Service API’s to retrieve (GET) all information out of Ground lion and even so to perform actions in Ground lion like creating a case, performing a task, … The Ground lion standard user interface exclusively uses the same Rest Service API’s.

There are different endpoints available such as:

  • /caseinstance: to retrieve case information of 1 specific case
  • /casetask: to call fort the open tasks of a case
  • /casetemplate: makes it possible to see a case template configuration and to create a new case
  • /caserelation: makes it possible to define relations between cases
  • /casedata: to retrieve case data
  • /contact: makes it possible to retrieve Ground lion contacts (person / company /…)

For a detailed overview, please contact us at info@groundlion.be.

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