Frequently asked questions

We have listed some frequently asked Ground lion related questions for you!

On premise/cloud solution?

The Ground lion server can be installed on premise or in a private cloud as well as offered Software as a Service (Ground lion shared SaaS Platform)

Modeling in Visio is only available on premise.

Are there minimum requirements to run Ground lion?

The Ground lion application runs on an Apache Tomcat® and thus OS independent.

Application Server (single server set-up): 10 concurrent ~ 30-40 users

  • CPU: 4
  • Memory: 8GB
  • Storage: 80GB (OS exclusive)

Webclient: recent browser version

  • Microsoft Edge 39+
  • Microsoft IE 11+
  • Google Chrome 56+
  • Apple Safari 11+
  • Mozilla Firefox 51+

Does Ground lion support versioning (multiple case template versions at the same time)?

Yes, when publishing a template version of a Ground lion template, a version with its configuration is available in the webclient. New cases will be started and thus be completed based on this version’s configuration. New and older versions run however simultaneously.

Does Ground lion work on a tablet?

The Ground lion user application is a webclient. The Graphical User Interface is created through responsive design. The application is perfectly usable on desktops, laptops and tablet computers with an internet browser.

Does Ground lion work with Microsoft Sharepoint?

Ground lion has a standard integration with Microsoft SharePoint (On premise as well as Online). Documents can be uploaded trough the Ground lion UI or generated by Ground lion and are stored on SharePoint. Documents (however physically stored on SharePoint) are visible in the Ground lion case information or in tasks.

Does Ground lion have API’s?

Ground lion has a large set of REST Service API’s to retrieve (GET) all information out of Ground lion and even so to perform actions in Ground lion like creating a case, performing a task, … The Ground lion standard user interface exclusively uses the same Rest Service API’s.

There are different endpoints available such as:

  • /caseinstance: to retrieve case information of 1 specific case
  • /casetask: to call fort the open tasks of a case
  • /casetemplate: makes it possible to see a case template configuration and to create a new case
  • /caserelation: makes it possible to define relations between cases
  • /casedata: to retrieve case data
  • /contact: makes it possible to retrieve Ground lion contacts (person / company /…)

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