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Subsidy & Permit

Requesting a subsidy or permit can be a long tormenting process; not only for the requester but also for the governmental department involved. Every type of subsidy or permit has its specific procedures and a numerous legislations to comply with. Ground lion offer a platform that allows a unique treatment of almost every case, which has proven its worth for both requester and as for (numerous) governmental departments.

Stages of procedure

Ground lion implements the use of best practices in a guiding framework. Organizational and legal knowledge is translated into the solution. By adding a perfect trace of planned work and overview on status information, every case will be handled and archived in a correct way.

Enhance cross-departmental collaboration

Taking the correct actions within time is essential. Ground lion offers you a collaborative platform that plans and divides the workload. Teams perform required tasks and choose best-practice options to speed up the process, throughout the subsidy/permit check and approval process. Divide the tasks and multiply the success!

Notify your customers when the request is updated

Transparency during the subsidy/permit request handling process is of great importance for your customers. Ground lion offers the possibility to inform your customer at the right moment in their customer journey. Create customer views to give insight in the status of the subsidy/permit request, or send (automated) e-mail notifications to the customer when the request is updated.

Control Information chaos by using a guiding framework

Ground lion is a platform that offers a guiding framework for the handling of subsidy and permit requests. In order to improve the quality and speed of the subsidy/permit request handling process, Ground lion will propose suggestions for the handling of a specific subsidy or permit, based on knowledge and intelligence from previous comparable requests.

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