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Service Request

Digital transformation has narrowed the distance between customer and organization. When customers face a challenge, they demand explanations, issue resolution, insights in the resolution process and status updates … And they want it fast and easy. The process of service request handling can be complicated, since high volumes of various service request types need to be planned and processed within the agreed SLA response times. As an organization it’s crucial to provide your customers with a smart, self-explanatory portal to request for services and monitors SLA’s.

Request and schedule services

Taking the right actions at the right time is crucial. Ground lion makes sure tasks are planned, divided and executed in time. Since Ground lion is an online platform, service requests are handled from any device at any place, to speed up performance.

Notify your customers

Transparency during the request handling process is of great importance for your customers. Ground lion offers the possibility to inform your customer at the right moment in their customer journey. Create customer views to give insight in the status of services requests, or send (automated) e-mail notifications to the customer when the service request is updated.

Manage SLA’s

Customers do not want to wait long for a solution to their problems. Resolving service requests within time is essential. Ground lion makes it possible to define multiple SLA’s based on type of request or business hours. This way of working allows you to handle requests based on priority, automate escalation rules to communicate violations within the service desk, and track improvements over time.

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