Innovation as a driver for company succes
Use Ground lion to manage and track your R&D activities

R&D process

Innovation is key for every organization that wants to stay competitive these days. Especially for production environments, the R&D process is crucial. This process can cover a high variety of activities such as basic or fundamental research, technology development, concept development, new product development, prototyping, R&D portfolio management and technology transfer. A typical R&D process is dealing with a certain complexity, whereby the process passes through phases, milestones and deliverables. This complexity requires a suitable, adjusted organizational system to manage the R&D process. Ground lion is a platform that helps you manage the variety of R&D activities, where quality of information and speed of execution is of the highest importance.

Use best-practices, improve R&D activities

Ground lion is a platform that offers a guiding framework for handling R&D activities. In order to improve the quality of information and speed of your R&D activities, Ground lion will propose suggestions for the handling of a specific type of activity, based on knowledge and intelligence from previous comparable tasks.

Enhance cross-departmental collaboration, multiply the succes

Taking the correct actions within time is crucial. Ground lion offers you a collaborative platform that plans and divides the workload. Teams perform required tasks and choose best-practice options to speed up the process, from basic research to technology transfer. Divide the tasks and multiply the success!

Report & monitor SLA’s, speed up the process

When it comes to innovation, timing is everything. Ground lion offers you a set of reports and dashboards in order to monitor the performance and lead time of R&D processes. Ground lion makes it possible to define multiple SLA’s based on type of product or R&D activity. This way of working allows you to handle new R&D activities based on priority, automate escalation notifications to the relevant stakeholders and track improvements over time.

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