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New Product Development

Every new product passes through a series of stages, from ideation through design, manufacturing and market introduction. Highly engineered products (aircraft, automotive, machinery, food & beverages) are dealing with a certain complexity, whereby the process passes through phases, milestones and deliverables. These complex product development processes require a suitable, adjusted organizational system to manage the process. Ground lion is a platform that helps you transforms a market opportunity into a marketable product, where quality of information and speed of execution is of the highest importance.

Use best-practices

Ground lion is a platform that offers a guiding framework for the handling of new product developments. In order to improve the quality of information and speed of a the new product development handling, Ground lion will propose suggestions for the handling of a specific type of product, based on knowledge and intelligence from previous comparable product developments.

Report & monitor the performance of your new product development process

Since timing is crucial for innovation, developing new products within a short timeframe is essential. Ground lion offers you a set of reports and dashboards in order to monitor the performance and lead time of your new product development process. Ground lion makes it possible to define multiple (internal) SLA’s with regard to product completion, based on type of product. This way of working allows you to handle new product development based on priority, automate escalation notifications to the relevant stakeholders and track improvements over time.

Enhance cross-departmental collaboration, plan and divide workload

Taking the correct actions within time is crucial. Ground lion offers you a collaborative platform that plans and divides the workload. Teams perform required tasks and choose best-practice options to speed up the process, from ideation to market introduction. Divide the tasks and multiply the success!

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