Redesign of a governmental service organisation

Setting up citizen-centred services, streamlining administrative processes, handling and automating continuously changing legislation,… Those are some of the challenges that Smart Governments face.

Let us inspire you during an afternoon session, whereby our broad vision on the redesign of a (governmental) service organisation is explained and demonstrated via concrete cases.


By whom? Ground lion and Namahn

  • Joannes Vandermeulen, CEO Namahn, explains his vision on ‘design thinking’ and how you, as governmental institution, can rethink and redesign your service organisation.
  • Koen De Maesschalck presents how Ground lion converts such a redesigned service organisation into a concrete working smart solution, based on a customer example: a subsidy e-loket, including back-office handling within the ‘Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie’.


For whom? Flemish, Belgian and European civil servants


12u00 – 13u00: Lunch
13u00 – 13u15: Welcome and introduction
13u15 – 14u15: “Thinking like a designer” – Joannes Vandermeulen
14u30 – 15u30: “Design of a smart subsidy solution” – Koen De Maesschalck
15u30 – end: Networking with food and drinks


Tuesday May 8th 2018


Where ?
Namahn Studios
Grensstraat/Rue de la limite 21
1210 Brussels

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