Digital Transformation Conference – May 10th – Lamot Mechelen

Ground lion is proud to be part of the Digital Transformation thought leaders at the Digital Transformation Conference.

Transforming your business to a digital business anno 2017 is a key challenge for every organisation that wants to keep its competitive edge.

At the Digital Transformation Conference these challenges will be addressed by experienced professionals. You’ll find expert sessions, workshops and keynotes about implementation, smarter working and ofcourse adaptive case management.

We’re proud to announce that our CEO, Joachim Vanden Brande will give a keynote on:

Monitoring and providing support during cooperation in case management, it is possible! 

Due to the digitalization, processes are becoming more complex. The increased complexity and dynamics in terms of operations are often the main source of efficiency loss with regard to processing and handling your cases. Joachim Vanden Brande clarifies how you can boost these dynamic processes to a competitive advantage. While using real examples, he explains how Adaptive Case Management can be integrated into your current systems and how to make your processes lean.

Don’t miss it!

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