Change, innovation and efficient use of knowledge by Adaptive Case Management – Ready for industry 4.0

Minimum 2 inspiring ideas or opportunities related to smart industry 4.0 to take home?

Come to the ‘Round table: smart industry 4.0’ on 23 February 2017

Innovation & growth automatically involve expansions of and changes to the processes by which information is supplied. Organisations must be ready to cope with today’s far-reaching automation and interconnection.

Some challenges may be involved, though:

  • How to make sure to get an overview of the right information.
  • How to combine internal and external information to take better decisions, process feedback from the market on your products and improve your services.
  • How to strengthen your ‘operational excellence’.
  • How to automate what is outside the standard ERP.
  • How to be faster than your competitor by providing immediate digital support for the implementation of new ideas.
  • How to cope with dynamic processes and more unpredictable events.
  • How smart industry 4.0 can be a drive for innovation and change.
  • How industry 4.0 technology supports a better balance between cost, innovation and offer.
  • Which information to keep and centralise as a minimum.
  • How to work together with different departments and chain partners.

Smart industry 4.0 supports your company mainly when processes are unpredictable and when the professionalism of your staff plays a bigger role. Experts with knowledge about the domain play a crucial role in change and innovation. They have to be optimally supported by unlimited automation.

Customer processes and corresponding work of knowledge workers are just that bit different each time. The knowledge worker knows what goal must be reached and must not be prescribed exactly what to do.

Adaptive Case Management offers a flexible and adjustable solution which can cope with the dynamics of processes and evolves with the changing information context. This is how Adaptive Case Management allows for treating cases efficiently and yet in a structured way, also when the course of the process cannot be exactly defined in advance. This is typically the case for R&D, innovation, controlling the S&OP cycle, Quality Assurance (QA), complaints, audit processes, etc.

The 7 advantages of participating in the round table:

  1. More insight in the applications of smart industry 4.0
  2. Possible plan of approach to set up smart industry 4.0 yourself
  3. Get to know experts and companies who think about smart industry 4.0 or are working on it
  4. Join forces with colleague-companies to get your information processes in order quicker
  5. Get in touch with suppliers who can mean something
  6. Making more informed choices when you are exploring smart industry 4.0 options
  7. 2 by 2 by 2 approach 2 hour exploration, 2 day configuration, 2 month life


23 February 2017


Vonk 360

Traverse 3, Veenendaal

the Netherlands

For whom?

C-level within Industry and Chemistry

Careful: places are limited!



12h00 – 13h00: Lunch

13h00 – 13h15: Opening by the day’s chairman John Deken

13h15 – 13h45: Keynote ‘Trends in Chemistry and the industry’

13h45 – 14h30: Introduction on Ground lion by CEO Joachim van den Brande

14h30 – 15h30: Interactive sessions

15h30 – 16h00: Break

16h00 – 16h30: Presentation of results of interactive sessions

16h30 – 17h00: Award ceremony

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