CMMN training (Case Management Model and Notation)

Training content

The training lasts 2 days and includes an explanation of Case Management as a concept, the analysis method and the standard Case Management Model and Notation – CMMN. There is both a theoretical and a practical part, where ‘best practices’ are shared on the basis of modelling and feasibility (or automation) in IT applications. This is done on the basis of our own experience from real projects or based on a design of your choice. Questions and answers are always welcome on an ad-hoc basis during the entire training.


Day 1: theory and analysis methodology

  •   What is Case Management
    • Concept and definitions
    • Typical examples and solutions
  • What is Case Management Model and Notation – CMMN?
    • Overview of the standard CMMN 1.1 specification
    • Explanation of the main and fundamental characteristics
    • Syntax overview: understanding the visual notation
    • Training in understanding and applying the execution semantics (‘decorators’)
    • Modelling best practices towards analysis and implementation goals
    • Insight in difference and applicability of BPMN and DMN
  • Case Management business analysis methodology, by means of CMMN
    • How to analyse a business case
    • Explanation of the different steps on the basis of practical examples
    • Standard deliverables of an analysis
    • The use of CMMN concepts in the analysis

Day 2: Practical exercise

  • Short repetition of day 1
  • Practical exercise on a fictitious example or example of the customer’s choice
    • Building a CMMN Case Plan Model together
    • Building a CMMN File Model together
    • Applying execution logics
    • Insight in how an IT application would work on the basis of a CMMN model
  • Room to discuss further insights
    • What can this mean for my organisation?

Content: theory and hands on training
Format: Q&A, customised
Language: Dutch / English
Location: Our offices in Belgium/the Netherlands or at customer’s location
Participants: max. 5
Duration: 2 days
Material: PowerPoint course

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