Ground lion develops a working solution in co-creation with Waternet in just two days.

Waternet is the only water company in the Netherlands that takes care of the whole water cycle. It ensures safe, clean and sufficient water in the natural world and for drinking.

Adaptive Case Management (AC) can help Waternet here by organising and supporting its processes in a flexible manner.



Waternet fully realises that continuous alertness is necessary for continuing to achieve its set objectives: safe dykes, clean drinking water and a healthy living environment. Here the employees are assisted by technology (including sensors and data monitoring). In so doing Waternet strives to even more effectively fine-tune its services and continuously adapt to meet the changing requirements in society.

The timely and correct processing of reports and complaints is a significant challenge in providing its services.


A two-day Value Workshop was held under the guidance of two experienced consultants at which a working solution for processing complaints was put in place.

The first day was marked by an explanation of what Adaptive Case Management actually is. The role CMMN plays as notation here was also clarified.  Shortly after the theory and insights, the business context and the work is also described in cooperation with users in the CMMN notation and properly set out.

During the second day there was further fine-tuning of the information and process model, based on the established and modelled case from the previous day.

As promised as a deliverable, Waternet received a working solution for supporting and guiding the complaints process. The solution was created based on a process model, use case, data set and CMMN model of the complaints case.

  • The basic knowledge for ACM and at the end of the workshop a working application.
  • Interesting insights: “A model is best created in cooperation with experts so it also actually becomes their own process.”
  • Interesting insights: “ACM is a good way to support processes, with flexibility and adaptability being important objectives.”
  • Interesting insights: "Errors are prevented because this solution can automatically incorporate the underlying data from other integrated provisions. Double data input becomes a thing of the past."
"Adaptive Case Management offers you a 360° and unique view on your cases and critical processes"
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