De Lijn – Video Testimonial: CMMN Workshop

After the business continuity manager at the Flemish Public Transport organisation, De Lijn, met Ground lion he was interested to learn how Adaptive Case Management could help them. We organised an intensive 2-day CMMN workshop to answer this question.

Don’t hesitate to join us for our CMMN Training session on the 13th of September in Brussels!

You can also get in touch with us to learn how Adaptive Case Management can help your organisation streamline case handling for important processes, such as:

  • subsidy requests
  • control & inspection
  • adoption
  • permits (construction, export, import, etc.)
  • service requests
  • claims handling
  • R&D Processes



De Lijn was already working with BPMN for Business Process Management, and curious about the flexibility of CMMN (Case Management Model & Notation).

BPMN is great for modelling processes and activities with very little variation in workflows and with most data known up-front. CMMN is better fit for handling processes & activities where not all information is available up-front, and where the next activity/task depends on the output of previous activities. CMMN also allows flexibility in adapting to ’emerging information’ that comes in during the process but was not known before.


To gauge the potential applications De Lijn selected a case of their own. Our Ground lion experts then organised a workshop for them to translate these real-life cases using a CMMN approach. 

  • Rather than just learning about CMMN, De Lijn got insight into its potential for solving real-life problems
  • Ground lion's experts were well prepared and this ensured that De Lijn got the most out of these 2 days
  • De Lijn got a better grasp on Adaptive Case Management and its applications
"Ground lion, adapting to your business"
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