DBRC takes an important step towards digitizing administrative case law

The Dienst van de Bestuursrechtscolleges (DBRC – Administrative Courts Office) supports and coordinates three independent Flemish administrative courts: The Environmental Enforcement Court, the Permit Disputes Court and the Electoral Disputes Court.
When an appeal is submitted to the DBRC, the relevant court starts a case. The turnaround time for cases can range from a few weeks to a few years. Judges, legal secretaries and registrars take care of the legally correct processing and assessment in the various courts.



The DBRC was looking for a total solution package to follow up more easily on complex cases, tailored to litigation procedures and adjustable to the DBRC’s specific needs.

Another requirement was the user-friendliness of the system and the ability of the partner to involve end-users in the development process to ensure their buy-in with respect to the ultimate solution.


Ground lion configured a total solution for working digitally, based on its Adaptive Case Management platform. This was developed
in close consultation with end users such as judges, registrars and legal secretaries.

The new system, with the codename “STEFFI” (STeadfast and EFFicient) for the project, is customer-focused, since the Ground lion platform is easy to adjust to specific needs and enables further expansion and adjustments to the system in the future.


  • Evolvement from a paper-based to a digital organisation
  • Easy follow up on cases, using one system
  • A government that understands you better
"Ground lion, adapting to your business"
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