Colruyt Group – Video Testimonial

Colruyt Group is a retail group that consists of over forty brands for individuals and businesses. The ‘Service Center Product Information’ (SCPI) is responsible for managing the information with regards to every product that’s sold through one of Colruyt Group’s many channels.

This means they have to handle thousands of requests regarding new product launches, product updates, and discontinuations of a certain product type. The amount of data they receive and manage from suppliers and internal departments makes it a challenging job.

Knowledge workers within the SCPI have to execute complex tasks involving many counterparts. On top of that information is at the core of every case, and every case follows its own path.

This means it was very logical for Colruyt Group to deploy an adaptive case management solution.

“When I see what Ground lion is capable of: the systems responsible for cases and their tasks, follow-up, reporting; have convinced me that Ground lion is the right choice. – Lieve Van De Maele, Manager Service Center Product Information at Colruyt Group

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Colruyt Group & Ground lion – a testimonial from Ground lion on Vimeo.

  • All relevant information had to be gathered through e-mails or telephone conversations
  • Afterwards this information was manually put in Excel sheets
  • Follow-up for each request was done using complicated formulas in Excel
  • Colruyt implemented an Adapative Case Management solution to streamline these service requests
  • User-friendly interfaces for the team and management
  • Powerful reporting capabilities to help management identify (and predict) potential issues
  • Product changes and new product launches have a shorter processing time and better time-to-market
  • Frictionless collaboration with other departments and suppliers, with less room for error
  • Ground lion's ease of use makes sure that new hires are up and running in a few days
  • People can work together on the same case without issues, so if someone is off sick their colleagues can easily pick up where they left off
  • Because the team uses Ground lion to handle thousands of requests, management has a valuable source of data. We help them to make better decisions through predictive analytics.
"Adaptive Case Management offers you a 360° and unique view on your cases and critical processes"
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