Case Management Model and Notation (CMMN) finally gaining awareness.

Ever since the Object Management Group announced and published the Case Management Model and Notation or CMMN specification, there has been discussion on the value and the applicability of yet another notation in the process automation world. Not a lot of content is to be found on the internet, apart from some slideshares, blogs like this one, and mostly theoretical approaches on comparing CMMN to BPMN and DMN. While founded theories and opinions are nice to read – are food for thought – and can even spike conceptual discussion; these discussions have the tendency on staying in the academic world. And so it has been for quite some time with CMMN. 

Truth to be told, modelling notations are only successful when there is enough tooling support for government and business organizations to make use of these great conceptual design patterns. Luckily some modelling tool vendors are finally making the decision on integrating also CMMN in their modelling language portfolio. Based on not too extensive research, we see Trisotech, Camunda, Signavio, Visual Paradigm, EdorasOne, … claiming to model CMMN today. Even execution support for CMMN templates is taking a jumpstart on the market as Camunda, EdorasOne and Ground lion show promising results.  

This evolution is a positive one, in our honest opinion, and we hope the CMMN community will start with interchangeability and modelling best practices. Ground lion and Trisotech are already working on CMMN model interchangeability and are not far from a seamless interchange.  

Spoken like a true believer, 

Koen De Maesschalck


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