M’eat, Play, Sleep, Repeat AXI-group teambuilding

During the weekend of 4 and 5 October 2019 we had our AXI, LoQutus, Ground lion and Elegio teambuilding event in Valkenburg. Our colleague Tim Cassauwers (AXI) captured his impressions of the busy weekend with all his colleagues.

To be honest I wasn’t really looking forward to a teambuilding with 300 other people. I mean, what’s fun about that? But I decided to go anyway as my networking skills could use some more practice. And you have to give all new things a chance, right? After riding the AXI-Ground lion-LoQutus-Elegio-wave for two days, it seemed like I only started feeling the AXI vibe just then. Well that’s what it felt like to me.

The regional flan was good, so was the coffee and I would have loved to say so was the speech… But my ‘efficient’ changes of clothes took two minutes too long… The door was locked. But – evidently – you’re never alone as an AXI-ian. Networking, Sir? Check!

There were activities for everybody: creative, sporty, adventurous, … Weird how most of my team mates also decided to go cave cycling! I don’t know if looking at my colleagues’ behinds was such an added value, but at least we had something to talk about afterwards. At that point I thought ‘the best is yet to come’.

‘Come sit with us.’ I was lost, only a little bit, my team had gone missing during lunch and I was invited by one of the latecomers from earlier that day. All of a sudden ‘Gents’ became the main language, to flow into all types of Dutch and Belgian sounds afterwards. Hold on a second? Why did I come here? The dance floor was getting packed (super) fast and stayed that way until the last song. Then we continued the night in several bars in Valkenburg, a very small world apparently as we ran into everybody. During that time AXI was Valkenburg instead of the other way around. If only for a night.

During the morning of the second day we had another activity, a breakfast and a lunch. Not necessarily in that order. Those were fun as well, a good continuation of the day and night before… But the lack of sleep probably made my memory a bit fuzzy on this matter.

In retrospect, it was an amazing event. A very relaxing and at the same time bonding moment, another reason for me to stay a true AXI-an and to feel launched in the group.

To sum it up: We’ve talked a lot, we’ve laughed a lot, we ate a lot and we slept very little. In short, goal accomplished (well at least according to me).

Check out the aftermovie here 🤗

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