LoQutus & Ground lion donated twelve laptops to Spelotheek Pipo in support of families with digital endeavours

The Toy Libraries Pipo and Speelvogel are two of the seven Neighbourhood Play Clubs in Ghent that support youth welfare work in the areas Rabot and Brugse Poort.

A Toy Library is a lending service for play- & learn materials but also a place where young families are welcome to meet with each other, play, care and share information about growing up, upbringing, leisure and education. Volunteers commit to spend at least an hour with their ‘godchild’ every week, to help them with school tasks and practice Dutch. It was one of these volunteers, Régis, who felt the need for laptops for some of the children and told one of his friends. This friend, working at LoQutus, then informed the management about it…

And so, LoQutus and Ground lion donated twelve second-hand laptops to the Toy Library past summer. These can be borrowed by families and young people. Amal was the first to bring a laptop home for her children Busra and Esra in high school and for Sara and Mohammed in preliminary school. They currently do have a tablet at home, but it’s very cumbersome for the children to make their homework with it. The family is saving up for a laptop and is very happy they can borrow one of the laptops in the meantime.

Another family that is grateful they can use on of the computers, is Aicha, a widow with a living wage, and her two children Fatima and Mohammed in high school. They were previously working on an old computer without wireless connection. So thanks to the ‘new’ laptop with wifi, the children can now do their homework quietly and more focused in their room instead of in the living room. Soon, the teenagers and young people will also be able to borrow a laptop to work on their integrated tests at home.

A very big thanks to our volunteers and also to LoQutus and Ground lion to make a difference for these families!

And don’t forget, if you are interested in becoming a godfather or -mother for a foreign-language child from the Ghent Rabot/Brugse Poort region or would like to donate toys or laptops, please contact Martine Van Limbergen

Martine Van Limbergen, SOT-verantwoordelijke VZW Jong

Esra and Amal
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