Case Management for a digital justice system.

Since the policy statement of Federal Minister Koen Geens on 17 November 2014 a process of modernization started at the Federal Public Service Justice. Besides structural reforms the digital transformation of the Federal Public Service Justice is in full swing. In this context the budget also requires a ‘more with less’ approach.

Some hurdles will have to be overtaken in one go, from paper to paperless. And working case focused, not only dematerializing documents or setting up a closed silo application here and there. Modernizing the Federal Public Service Justice in a sustainable manner while guaranteeing high-quality, efficient and accessible judicial services with less resources requires reliable case management solutions. Ready for all sources of information, supported by process and rule logics, and especially open and ready for integration. A service-oriented architecture is obviously an underlying need at this point. With e-box, e-deposit, e-betekening (e-notification), e-Depot & e-Griffie (e-Registry), a service for video conference etc. the necessary moves are now made in the right direction.

Electronic case management should eventually make sure that efficient actions can be performed on case information, in line with the often complicated legislation. And that is exactly the strength and focus of case management; to support the judicial knowledge worker to see the trees for the digital forest. And preferably adaptive by nature, on the basis of modelling and parameters in order to guarantee the future story.

(Koen De Maesschalck)

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