Adaptive Case Management as basis for innovation and industrial growth

Companies constantly develop strategies and methods to increase customer satisfaction and expand their market share. Innovating is surviving. Product improvements are constantly worked on, while new products or services are being devised. Throughout the procedure companies are faced with many challenges and uncertainties. And in order to be the first to market a sellable product, quality of information and speed are of utmost importance.

Innovation in itself is already quite a challenge, leave alone organising the entire supply of information and process control. Innovation is knowledge work, experts from different departments with their own know-how who will have to give advice and work together on innovative ideas. Product technical study, marketing, purchase, sale, finance … almost every single fibre of a company will be involved in a part of the innovation process. Therefore, it is essential to work on information centrally, making sure that 1 truth exists, and to support the action to the best of your ability.

Adaptive Case Management is a flow and vision where information and collaboration between knowledge workers is put first, with a central case topic as subject. Both information and the process are hereby screened for optimal support and automation. Managing only documents centrally is not enough because of a lack of control and monitoring. And because the course of every innovation can be so different, a pure BPM approach is just too rigid. The truth lies somewhere in between, and that is exactly what ACM can provide.

Koen De Maesschalck

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