ACM for Railway Freight Operations in Norway

Case management is normally associated with usual suspects as insurance claims, complaint handling, governmental request to decision procedures … Did you ever think case management would be used to support railway freight operations?

More and more case management solutions are used to adaptively handle procedures that involve a solid number of decisions to be taken by the collaborating parties, caused by multiple exception events or ‘unpredictable’ events. Nowadays companies are coming back from automating these kind of procedures with ‘step by step’ workflow or bpm solutions by nature. The rigidity of a pure process focus seems to be too much of a hassle, meanwhile working with just collaborative features offers too little guidance or boundaries. The technology market is clearly putting information first and process second. Can the ACM concept be the holy grail?

Although empowering knowledge workers can work beneficial in various ways and ultimately in a better customer experience, companies still are afraid to loosen the reins too much. And of course in mission critical organizational processes, it is quite impossible to refrain from a certain level of guidance and structure to monitor and follow up activity. By default, human nature has its flaws in performing work …

We’ve encountered a brilliant article on the use of the ACM vision in Norway to support Freight Operations. When paraphrasing to depict the added value of thinking in case concepts isn’t even necessary, we quote:

“GTS uses case folders with built-in task support – referred to as work folders in similar ACM solutions. Each work folder represents either a particular freight train “flight” or a freight train wagon / container booking. Work folders provide access to worklists, giving users active and dynamic task support while ensuring compliance with business rules and statutory regulations. Work folders are augmented with integrated tools for detailed scheduling and train composition, providing an elegant mixture of auto-generated and manual plans. “

Showcasting a non-traditional, information centric application of case management technologies, it’s a perfect example of where Ground lion can be used.

Check out this scientific article ‘ACM-for-railway-freight-operations‘ by Helle Frisak Sem.

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