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Subsidy & Permit

Al lot of governmental work involves accrediting organisations, granting subsidies and giving permits. At a high level always a request – treat – solution process. However, the vast number of types and their specific procedures, combined with a lot of legislation to comply with, makes for a unique treatment of almost every case.

Stages of procedure

Ground lion implements the use of best practices in a guiding framework. Organizational and legal knowledge is translated into the solution. By adding a perfect trace of planned work and overview on status information, every case will be handled and archived in a correct way.

Cross departemental collaboration

Collaborative knowledge work is planning and dividing workload. Teams perform required tasks and choose best-practice options to speed up the delivery power. Insightfully doing it together.

Control Information chaos

Ground lion will streamline your information intake and output, giving a single truth of information. And above all, the quality can be monitored.

Customer portal and Notification Management

Inform your customer automatically at the right moment in their customer journey. Create a customer view on the status of cases or send notification messages via e-mail.

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"Adaptive Case Management offers you a 360° and unique view on your cases and critical processes"
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