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New Product Development

Aimed at customer satisfaction, companies develop continuous practices and strategies to increase their market share by a regular development of new products and services. There are many uncertainties and challenges throughout the process which companies must face. To transform a market opportunity into a marketable product, quality of information and speed of execution is of the highest importance.

Stages of development

Ground lion implements the use of best practices in a guiding framework. Your organizational and market knowledge is translated into the solution. By adding a perfect trace of planned work and overview on status information, every idea will be handled and archived in a correct way.

Cross departemental collaboration

Collaborative knowledge work is planning and dividing workload. Teams perform required tasks and choose best-practice options to speed up the delivery power. Insightfully doing it together.

Control Information chaos

Ground lion will streamline your information intake and output, giving a single truth of information. And above all, the quality can be monitored.

Monitoring on KPI’s

Implement objective KPI’s for product development. Important trade-off decisions are made to steer product development from gate to gate. Monitoring speed, bottlenecks, and turnaround times is what it is all about…

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