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Control & Inspection

It is chaos out there. Information is flying all over the place. There are a lot of different versions of the truth, told by many stakeholders. Truth to be told, there is a huge need for coordinating collaborative, dynamic and ad-hoc based investigative work.

Unify information

Ground lion will streamline your information intake and output, giving a single truth of information. And above all, the quality can be monitored. All information captured in 1 context.

Cross departemental collaboration

Collaborative knowledge work is planning and dividing workload. Teams perform required tasks and choose best-practice options to speed up the delivery power. Insightfully doing it together.

Structure unpredictability

An oxymoron? Whether you’re controlling on fraud detecting, doing an internal audit, analyzing an insurance risk or investigating a crime, Ground lion offers case analytics, performance monitoring on KPI’s and dashboards to optimize case work.

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