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Claims Handling

Ground lion aims at complex and dynamic claims management. When and where there is a lot at stake. Insuring and underwriting complex buildings, marine ships, even bigger? Ground lion simplifies dynamic process automation. Guiding work intelligently.

Transforming complexity to a transparant proces

Ground lion suggests what can be done at any given moment and keeps a perfect trace of planned work. Combined with an overview on status information, every claim will be handled in a correct way. Ground lion makes sure the right work is done. And done in time.

Notification management

Inform your customer automatically at the right moment in their customer journey. Create a customer view on the status of cases or send notification messages via e-mail.


Ground lion models a good structured information intake, which is the basis to create good reporting and analytics. Use Ground lion standard turnaround time reporting and cross case analitycs. Not enough? Export and visualize with a BI tooling of choice.

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